Crisis Centers and Shelters

Crisis Centers and Shelters

Auberge Madeleine

Auberge Madeleine’s mission is to welcome, house and support women of 18 and over living alone in a situation of homelessness
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Booth Center
880 Guy, Montréal, QC,
H3J 1T4

The Booth Centre is a community organisation that opens its doors to men 18 and older who face homelessness (The Gouvernail), addictions (The Ancrage) or mental health issues (The Rivage).
514 932-2214
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En Marge 12-17

En Marge 12-17 offers help and shelter for 12 to 17 year-old youth. We offer more than a bed and a meal. We help youth discover alternatives to the street. By developing connections with these youth, intervention workers help them to define and realize their choices for the future.
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L’Auberge Communauratire du Sud-Ouest
4026 Wellington, Verdun, QC,
H4G 1V3

The Auberge communautaire du Sud-Ouest is a community-based resource, which fights poverty, social disenfranchisement, and distress faced by homeless youths.

L’Autre Maison
5240 Wellington, Verdun, QC,
H4H 1M9

Responds to the needs of adults and their families in times of crisis.

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Logifem provides shelter and care to women and children in Montréal. Our vision is to be a force of transformation in the lives of women in difficulty. Logifem has a shelter that can accommodate up to 20 women with or without children. Residents are admitted to the shelter on an emergency basis for one or two nights, or on a longer term basis for up to a year. We also have access to fourteen transitional apartments where women with or without children can stay for up to three years. / Logifem offre de l’hébergement et des soins aux femmes avec ou sans enfants à Montréal. Notre vision est d’être une force de transformation dans la vie des femmes en difficulté. Logifem dispose d’un immeuble pouvant accommoder jusqu’à 20 femmes avec ou sans enfants. Les résidentes y sont admises en service de dépannage d’urgence pour une ou deux nuits, ou en hébergement à plus long terme jusqu’à une année. Nous avons également accès à quatorze appartements de transition où des femmes avec et sans enfants peuvent rester jusqu’à trois ans.
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A housing and social inclusion resource, Passages offers an alternative to exclusion and homelessness for young women between 18 and 30 who are facing difficulties. These women often don’t have a stable home and face multiple issues (mental health problems, substance abuse, violence, HIV,…).
Refuge des Jeunes
1836 Sainte-Catherine E., Montréal, QC,
H2K 2H3

The Refuge des jeunes is a night shelter in Montréal which aims at rehabilitating and reintegrating at-risk young men aged 17 to 24 into the community.
Salvation Army Abri D’espoir

L’Abri d’espoir is a residence operated by The Salvation Army. Its mission is to provide housing to adult woman in difficulty, to meet their immediate needs and to offer services and programs in order to foster their reintegration.

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YMCA Residence
4039 Tupper, Westmount, QC,
H3Z 1T5

Support Crisis Centres and Shelters EN FR The Residence welcomes and supports refugees, asylum seekers, homeless citizens of Montréal and Inuit from Northern Québec.
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