Community Services

Community Services

Anglo Family Council (AFC)

The mission of the AFC is to strengthen individuals and families in the English-speaking community through networking among organizations, institutions, and groups, that serve or could serve our community.
Assocation des Victimes d’Infections Nosocomiales (ADVIN)
100 Berlioz #305, Montréal, QC,
H3E 1N4

ADVIN is a volunteer not-for-profit organisation, which mission consists in increasing awareness and informing the public on the risks of hospital-borne infections. ADVIN will collaborate with professional and political actors in the development of an infection surveillance and prevention program that follows international norms. ADVIN favors preventive methods and works at the necessary lobbying in order to prevent and reduce the effects of infections: long-term illnesses, disability, death. ADVIN supports victims of hospital-borne infections and all other patients by informing them of their rights. It hopes for the development and installment of a structured insurance system for victims.

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Association des Bénévoles de l’Hôpital de Verdun
4000 LaSalle, Verdun, QC,
H4G 2A3

The Association des bénévoles de l’hôpital de Verdun’s (Verdun Hospital Volunteer Association) mission is to recruit, select, and train volunteers to offer care to hospitalized individuals. We are committed to support volunteers and facilitate their integration into the type of volunteer work they choose. We organize volunteer recognition events several times a year in order to stress how important their participation is, but also to allow them to develop ties among themselves.

514-362-1000 ext. 2891
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Centre d’Entrepreneuriat Féminin du Québec (CEFQ)
4080 Wellington #310, Verdun, QC,
H4G 1V4

With more than 15 years of experience, Québec Woman Entrepreneurship Centre has a mission to offer you the abilities and skills to be competitive in the business world. We are a community of entrepreneurs, skilled, coherent and passionate, with an expertise in women’s entrepreneurship.
3550, rue Wellington, Verdun,
H4G 1T3

Garde à temps partiel uniquement

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Collective Community Services (CCS)
451 de l’Eglise, Verdun, QC,
H4G 2M6

CCS improves the quality of life of individuals by significantly reducing isolation and effectively supporting those living in poverty, primarily within the English speaking community of Greater Montréal.
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Concertation en Développement Social de Verdun (CDSV)
3972 de Verdun, Verdun, QC,
H4G 1K9

The mission of the CDSV is to work in collaboration and consultation with various authorities to improve living conditions, the well-being of the population and the elimination of poverty as a social project.
514-769-2228 ext. 104
Corporation Pôle des Rapides
500 Ch. Des Iroquois, Lachine, QC,
H8S 4J5

The corporation du Pôle des Rapides is a non-profit organization that brings together the forces of public and private organizations concerned with the development of the attractions and recreational and tourist products of the South-West of Montréal. The Corporation du Pôle des rapides works together with partners to promote recreational and tourist activities, to ensure the quality of their reception services and to sustain recreational and tourist development efforts. / La corporation du Pôle des Rapides est un organisme à but non-lucratif qui rassemble les acteurs publics et privés concernés par la mise en valeur des attraits et des produits récréotouristiques de la communauté du Sud-Ouest de l’île de Montréal. La corporation agit en concertation avec ses membres et ses partenaires afin de promouvoir l’activité culturelle, sociale et récréotouristique de la région, tout en soutenant les efforts de développement et en offrant des services d’accueil de qualité aux diverses clientèles.
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Culture Élémentaire Verdun

Culture élémentaire Verdun is a not-for-profit organisation which mission is to enable the development of individual and collective knowledge, and the awareness and empowerment of Verdun citizens as it relates to food security.

Dawson Community Centre
666 Woodland, Verdun, QC,
H4H 1V8

With deep roots in the English community, and located in Verdun, Dawson Community Centre contributes to an improved quality of life for families and individuals by creating bridges between the multi-cultural, English-speaking and French-speaking communities. The centre offers a wide range of recreational, educational, and social programs that encourage participation and self-reliance, and promote active community involvement.
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