Additional Assistance

Additional Assistance

Allô Prof
1000 Fullum, Montréal, QC,
H2K 2J1

Organised in 1996, Allô prof is a charity that offers homework and schoolwork help to elementary and secondary students for free, as well as general training to adults and parents in Québec. In order to support its mission, Allô prof provides 8 services (on the phone, by text messaging, and 6 online options) involving a team of qualified teachers and an online help community consisting of students, parents, and education stakeholders.
Chantier d’Appretissage Optimal
4080 Wellington, Verdun, QC,
H4G 1V4

CHAPOP mainly caters to local youths and to those outside the community (both girls and boys) and parents, all coming from vulnerable families. They fall into two categories: the first one consists of youths (aged 6 to 17) enrolled in elementary and secondary schools and young adults (aged 18 to 30) to promote job readiness; and the second one consists of parents.
L’Ancre des Jeunes
3565 LaSalle, Verdun, QC,
H4G 1Z5

The Anchor for Youth has been involved since 1991 in an area where schools have a 50% dropout rate. Its mission is to promote student retention with ongoing and personalised support for academic, social, and personal achievement. The services at Anchor for Youth are offered to Elementary 5 through Secondary 4 dropout students or students with considerable motivation issues at school and at risk of dropping out.
Riverview Community Learning Centre (CLC)
971 Riverview, Verdun, QC,
H4H 2C3

The CLC provides social, cultural and pedagogical programs and services to the Anglophone minority in Verdun in order that they become lifelong learners and remain in Verdun as healthy successful citizens. The program seeks to empower our community by cultivating life skills and supporting the personal and collective development of our community members. We do this by forming partnerships with the business and community organization. Located in Riverview Elementary School, we offer extracurricular and educational activities to elementary school students, free monthly parent and family workshops during the evening and a free collective garden project open to all Verdun residents.

Rogers Raising the Grade
8600 Hardy, LaSalle, QC,
H8N 2P5

Rogers believes that every young person deserves the chance to reach their full potential. Rogers also believes that education is the key to helping young people realize this potential. This is why Rogers developed the Rogers Youth Fund. The Rogers Youth Fund initiative is a national program designed to provide basic academic support (literacy, numeracy, and languages), tools and resources needed to excel both inside and outside the classroom. It is dedicated to helping Canada’s youth overcome the barriers they face in getting the most out of their education, particularly those who are at risk due to poverty, isolation, being new to Canada, or who face challenges at home.

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